Welcome to the School of Rock and Film

The road to becoming a professional musician

The School of Rock and Pop has been educating professional musicians in the area of rock / pop and jazz for more than 20 years.

Before a band can finally make it on stage, there’s always the same problem: find the right band members, set up rehearsal rooms, compose songs, write lyrics, arrange own songs or cover versions … This is where the rock-pop school of SRF comes into play! With us, musicians can focus under professional and creative guidance on the real thing: making music. Whether classic blues or rock, whether soul, funk, heavy metal, hip hop or mainstream – the School of Rock fits each and every one into the right band.

We offer:

  • a band-oriented practice teaching program: Song material for easy entry, instruction on how to implement their own musical ideas, tips for the stage presentation, etc.
  • Instrumental and vocal lessons, individually and in small groups, to songs that are rehearsed in the bands
  • Pop-analysis: rock pop history and music theory basics give the sense of style and expand the musical background
  • at least once a year, a workshop with a “celebrity ” from the music business
  • different ways to perform live
  • band rooms with amplifiers, drums, piano or keyboard
  • a recording studio with digital recording system

Rooms for all cases

School of Rock and PopOn our premises, we offer opportunities for professional work with a band. In addition to sample spaces for the participating bands where you can practice your sound at ease, we also offer rooms for lessons on the instrument.

In our auditorium, workshops and smaller concerts are held during the teaching year. The auditorium is adjoined to the recording studio. Direct live recordings are possible.

Coffee or tea and small snacks are available in the cafeteria and at the concerts.

Our studio gives you have the possibility to record your songs in a professional environment. You get to work in the environment of an actual recording studio, and will learn to give your recordings a professional sound. The studio allows to take live recordings from the auditorium or the great hall.

You will have your final concerts in the great hall. This is one way to stand on one of the great stages of the world.

The School of Film

School of filmThe Film School is aimed at aspiring filmmakers of all kinds. We are here to apply our proven learning methods to the young students to accompany them in the beginning of their careers. The Film School hires committed filmmakers and experts from the film industry, who work with the students in seminars and workshops in an active film studio. We place great emphasis on work-based learning to prepare our students for their future work.

Practical learning: Experienced faculty and professional editors accompany our students on the way, guide them to write their own short films, to produce, direct, and to cut. Personally tailored seminars in small groups and some individual lessons, as well as numerous screenplays and directed exercises are becoming commonplace.

Preparation for the job: Of course it is our goal to prepare our students to produce commercially successful films. At the same time we want to convey, to a large extent, the knowledge of the film industry and make our students familiar with all professional fields within the complex digital world.

Tailor-made courses: It’s important to us that our students show passion, talent and determination. Whether you have just completed your school and are looking for a comprehensive two-year coursework, or if you already have a university degree and want to expand your academic experience, or whether you are already working and want to change your career: We offer a variety of full-time, part-time and weekend courses , which suit all needs.